Bringing a Baby on a Yatch: Is it safe?

Keeping kids entertained at sea is one thing, but babies?

Bringing your baby with you on any boat trip can be exciting – especially when your child is old enough to enjoy it. But how safe is it to bring a baby on board? It is generally recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety that your child not be brought onto a boat until they are around 18lbs (around 4-6 mounts old). This is so that your child can safely fit into a flotation device and only concerns a moving vessel – feel free to bring baby on board when the boat is stationary.

Most of the struggles regarding infant safety on yatchs surrounds getting on and off board safely. The safest way to do this is to hand your child to someone that is on board already rather than to try and bring them on yourself. Luckily, when your child is only 6 months old there is no risk of them running around, so in many ways it is safer to have a baby on board than a toddler.

Your next consideration is appropriate restraint once on board. For this, I recommend a convertible car seat. They can be sat comfortably in the cockpit and used continuously as your child ages. You can find the best convertible car seat at

Outside of their car seat, I would recommend that you hold them the entire time. Waves can often be unpredictable and therefore it is not wise to leave your baby in a bassinet or otherwise whilst the boat in moving.

Aside from these safety considerations, there is not much else to consider. Bringing a baby on board is enjoyable for everyone, and it can make for an enjoyable day out. The older your child gets, the more they will begin to enjoy the journey themselves.

The main advice you need is to start slow. Introduce your child to the boat when it is anchored and spend a few hours stationary so that you are comfortable. Once you are happy, you can start traveling at a safe speed (around 6 MPH) and begin your journey.